A Pet Story 魔法濕紙巾 Magic Wipes
A Pet Story 魔法濕紙巾 Magic Wipes
A Pet Story 魔法濕紙巾 Magic Wipes

A Pet Story 魔法濕紙巾 Magic Wipes

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A Pet Story 魔法濕紙巾 Magic Wipes




✿ 溫和清潔
✿ 適合日常使用
✿ 低過敏性
✿ 保濕滋潤
✿ 適合外出時使用
✿ 去除雜質



Magic Wipes
Magic Wipes are specially formulated with a blend of ingredients that gently cleanse and deodorise. Whether you're dealing with muddy paws, dirty faces, or even unexpected messes, these pet wipes are the perfect tool for keeping your fur baby's hygiene in check.

No matter where your adventures take you, Magic Wipes will be your trusty companion. So let your imagination run wild and treat your fur baby to the enchanting experience they deserve with our Magic Wipes.

Ingredients list:
Electrolysed water and coconut oil only

Designed for cleaning and refreshing pets' fur, paws, and bottoms. They are a convenient and gentle way to keep pets clean and healthy between baths, and can also help remove dirt and odour.

✿ Gently cleanses
✿ Suitable for daily use
✿ Hypoallergenic
✿ Hydrating & moisturising
✿ Great for on-the-go use
✿ Remove impurities

Content: 20 thick luxurious sheets per pack