MSK 控脂果凍(香橙口味)Fat Flusher Jelly (Orange)
MSK 控脂果凍(香橙口味)Fat Flusher Jelly (Orange)
MSK 控脂果凍(香橙口味)Fat Flusher Jelly (Orange)

MSK 控脂果凍(香橙口味)Fat Flusher Jelly (Orange)

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MSK 控脂果凍 - 青蘋果口味/香橙口味


💡非洲芒果種子® IGOB131 ® 能有效抑制 PPAR-y,阻斷體內80%脂肪細胞儲存過多油脂
💡 Fibersol-2增加糞便量、調節血脂、有效控制食慾

- 餐前食用一包,建議餐前半小時或最長一小時前食用效果最佳
- 為更快達至瘦身效果,建議早上飲用MsKinny咖啡和可可,果凍於午餐及晚餐前各一包
- 果凍每天可以食用最多2



MSK Fat Flusher Jelly

MsKinny Fat Flusher jelly is a yummy slimming jelly and an effective way to suppress hunger and flush out deposited fats.

Benefits of MsKinny Green Apple African Mango Fat Flusher slimming jelly:
* 1 sachet of our slimming jelly a day can reduce 399 kcal from your daily calorie intake
* Effective in weight loss
* Helps to inhibit PPAR-y and block at least 80.9% of oil accumulation in our fat cells
* Increase adiponectin to boost our metabolic rate
* Curb and suppress your appetite to help you feel fuller

Suggested Consumption:
* one sachet before meals
* can be taken with Mskinny Slimming Coffee + Dark Cocoa concurrently (coffee + cocoa in the morning before breakfast, jelly before lunch and before dinner)

Main ingredients of our weight-loss jelly:
Phase 2 White Kidney Bean, Fibersol Prebiotic, SuperCitrimax Garcinia & Irvingia African Mango.

Product details: 15 sachets per box